Bespoke Printed Packaging

No Minimum Order Volume

We use full CMYK water-based eco-inks to print your design across our range of eCommerce packaging. Simply download the guides, add your artwork to the PDF template provided, then upload when you're good to order.

To ensure that you get the most out of your custom printed packaging, we also offer a packaging design service.

Order from Just 1 Unit

Order multiple single units across different designs to test which one works best for your brand.

Printed in Full Colour

Our packaging is printed in full colour CMYK at prices other digital printers can only offer in black.

Free Delivery Throughout the UK

On orders over £75. We ship your custom packaging via DPD with timed delivery slots.

How to order your digital packaging, in 4 simple steps!

  1. Download the cutter guides zip file from the product page
  2. Apply your artwork to the PDF guides (be sure to read the included guide PDF, note PDFs are layered Adobe Illustrator compatible)
  3. Click "upload file" to upload your artwork on the product page, and chose from internal or external printed, select the number of items you'd like to purchase.
  4. Click add to cart and proceed to place your order

Our digital printing service is great for minimalist designs, strong text and vibrant images. It’s very versatile, but it does have some limitations, which we will outline below.

Printed with water-based inks & natural kraft cardboard

Our printing machine uses water based eco-inks, so be sure to keep text to 8pt minimum.

As our ink is water based, and we're printing onto natural cardboard, some blotting will occur. As you can see from the image, it’s very minor, but we need to make sure that you’re aware.

We are unable to colour match due to the nature of the eco inks. If colour accuracy is a concern, we do offer high output lithographic and flexographic printing services (due to tooling and setup costs, minimum order volumes apply).

Natural Materials = Natural Imperfections

There may be the occasional faint pin line in your print, this is due to natural cardboard fibres getting in the way of the water based ink in our printer. Although every effort has been made to prevent this, the odd bit of dust will inevitably find its way in.

This is the trade off from using natural natural materials and water based inks vs non eco-friendly methods such as plastic laminations and solvents (nature is never perfect, as they say).

Note - we've used a biro to help demonstrate how small these lines are.

Artwork Design guidelines

  • Please do not modify the artboard area of the PDF or Illustrator template file
  • OUTLINE all fonts used in your design, as any missing fonts will delay production.
  • Embed any images used in your design.
  • If saving as a PDF, please HIDE or DELETE the Lil Artwork and cutter guide layers
  • Pay attention to the Lil Packaging branding and make sure your design fits around this.
  • Allow for 1-3mm of movement in your design for text and any critical information.
  • No need to include or add document bleed.
  • Do not delete the mask layer (this is needed for production)
  • Save your PDF with “illustrator editable”selected
  • If desgning on variable size packaging, such as book wraps, be sure to allow for overlap in your design.

We print in full CMYK, think of it as your inkjet printer at home, only about 50 times larger and 10 times faster!!

Just like your inkjet at home, we cannot print white, so when there is white in your design it will take on the material colour. So if you are printing on to brown kraft cardboard, the white will be brown (see example image below).

We require 10mm of free space for “grip”, this allows the item to be fed into the printer. Please do not place any artwork in this area as it will negatively impact the final print quality and finish. This area is marked on the template PDF (usually at the bottom of the artwork).

Print Samples of kraft vs white cardboard printing

A3 digital print samples of kraft vs white cardboard printing